Commercial Construction Trends: More than the Menu

New Restaurant Construction Best Served with an Experience
Shopping center owners aren’t the only ones attempting to create a new and exciting experience for consumers. Now commercial general construction projects and restaurateurs are getting into the game as well.

New restaurant construction projects are booming right now, but just because the market is hot, it does not ensure success. Smart restaurant owners know that attracting a diner’s attention is harder than ever. People can get a burger anywhere, so the goal is to set your burger apart. Sure, luring diners can be done through menu selections and creating a nice ambiance, but more restaurant owners are realizing that creating an experience with a unique commercial construction project can be a winning recipe for success.

This isn’t a completely new concept in restaurant construction, but it’s safe to say it has become a bit more sophisticated. This kind of national restaurant construction has its origins in the sports bar model during the 1990s, where, owners strove to lure clients with the best sports viewing experience and interactive gaming options. The wings and beer were good, but the social atmosphere and interactive entertainment were what really drew patrons. After all, the sports games they show are the same that broadcast to your living room at home.

Concert venues have become a popular option for new restaurant construction too. These aren’t hastily slapped together stages as an afterthought, but rather restaurant owners consciously deciding to make live music and entertainment a part of their full-service restaurant.

In another twist in the restaurant construction game, some business owners are building out new restaurant locations into their established businesses to help create a more well-rounded experience. This has become very popular with movie theater and bowling chains. This dining/movie experience has helped keep the theater chain relevant and vital, attracting new customers and opening a new revenue stream with food and beverages.

As we see more restaurant construction in the coming months, expect to see more concepts that offer a unique experience. In many cases, a fresh menu isn’t enough to get diners excited anymore. They want entertainment and an experience they can talk about.

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