About Beier Construction

Why Beier Construction?

Our Experience, expertise, quality and the people who make it all. Why Beier Construction? Because no one else compares.

Short Story About Our Company

Beier Construction is a compilation of talent, dedication, and teamwork. We began as an practice specializing in the renovation, remodeling, and new construction of high-end custom residential homes and apartments. After listening to our clients and recognizing the opportunity to provide a better product and service than what was in the market, we became general contractors as well.

Beier Construction has now refined a unique process over the course of our years in business. Our process has been shaped by our experience working with numerous clients across multiple projects — from residences to commercial projects such as boutique offices, restaurants, retail, and tenant spaces. We provide our clients with a more seamless, cost-effective, time-saving process — all from one accountable source.

What makes us unique as a construction company is that unlike most general contractors, we have an contract management background combined with residential and commercial construction expertise. As a result, our approach to construction is different; we are experts at preserving the design concept and merging that concept with the economics of a project. We listen to the needs and goals of each individual client and help them navigate the difficult process of remodeling, renovating, or building a new project. As a team member, advocate, consultant, and facilitator, Beier Construction is dedicated to guiding our clients through every step of the design and construction phases.

Kory Beier – Owner/Manager. Kory graduated from LSU in 2004 with a degree in Construction Management and opened Beier Construction in 2007 after working for another construction firm. His attention to detail is legendary, and he will bring this focus to all aspects of your project. Contact him at kory@beierconstruction.com.

Mickey Marchiafava – Our Project Supervisor who joined us in 2009. Mickey is an experienced builder, with many large jobs on his resume. He will help ensure your project is completed under a qualified eyes.

Lenny Morse – Joined Beier Construction in 2009 as an Assistant and has risen in the ranks to become a Project Supervisor. Lenny’s friendly demeanor masks a hard worker who will complete your project in a practical and timely manner.

Ryan Morse – Beier Construction is truly a family, as evidenced when Ryan, Lenny’s twin, joined our team in 2015 as our in-house Project Estimator. Ryan’s fire for perfection is an asset to any project, and he will find the most competitive prices to aide your bottom line.

Elizabeth Riviere Beier – Putting her Marketing Degree to good use at Beier Construction, she has been with the founder since the beginning.

Cindy Blache – Office Momager and bookkeeper, Cindy came on board in 2013. She maintains the files and keeps tabs on project costs, and randomly adopts stray animals that show up at jobsites or the office.

Anael Wagner – Chief painter, sheetrock hanger and hammer handler, Anael worked under a subcontractor for Beier Construction since 2010, and then was hired as a permanent employee in 2018. His tireless work ethic has brought a speedy conclusion to many jobs.